Monday, September 13, 2010

Can't go to Seminary? Try iTunes U! (100% FREE)

My prayer and hope for this blog and website is for people to increase in knowledge. Learn more about God, the Bible, Christianity, church history, apologetics, theology, evangelism, etc…Clearly I am not qualified to tell you everything myself, I’m half-way through my Master of Divinity and desperately trying not to be a know-it-all (as the stereotype goes). So lets talk about information. I want you to get your hands on some really good info and here’s an easy way to start:

1) iTunes 10 is out. Get it.

2) Go to iTunes U (short for iTunes University) and download some really great classes from the following Seminaries:

Reformed Theological Seminary
Dallas Theological Seminary
Westminster Theological Seminary
Concordia Seminary
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Covenant Theological Seminary

Listen and learn at your own pace. Whenever you want and whatever you want. Let’s be honest, this is a really awesome resource which is completely free for anyone who wants to take advantage. Happy Listening!


andrewdmck said...

iTunes U.... love it. Excellent recommendation Glenn. If you haven't tried it I encourage you to take up Glenn's suggestion.

Blogger Tools Media said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting.

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